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Root canal myths are some of the most commonly spread types of dental misinformation. Unfortunately, many of these myths have been around for decades or are not backed up by scientific data. Especially those related to root canal toxicity. If you’ve heard any of the following root canal myths in Murrieta, you might be in for a surprise.

MYTH: You Don’t Need a Root Canal if Your Tooth Doesn’t Hurt

Sadly, pain is not a good indicator of how “bad” your oral health is. It’s quite common to see severely infected teeth without any symptoms of discomfort. Which is why cavities sometimes do not hurt, yet require large fillings or even crowns to repair. Root canal treatment is similar.

Since the nerve inside of your tooth is what transmits pain, an infected or dying nerve tissue may not cause discomfort the way you think it should. That’s why we rely on other visible data (such as X-rays) to determine if a root canal is necessary.

MYTH: It’s Better to Pull Your Tooth Than Getting a Root Canal

There is always a point where teeth are causing too much pain or reach the point where they cannot be restored, where Dr. Pulsipher may recommend removing them. But in other instances, we try to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible. Root canal therapy is a great example.

By repairing and preserving your tooth, you get to avoid unnecessary extractions, long healing times, and additional expenses for replacing that tooth. Although you could potentially get a bridge or dental implant, the standard of care (and more affordable option) would be to address the infection in your natural tooth.

During your exam, our Murrieta dentist will show you the extent of tooth damage on your X-ray, so that you can see whether or not it is best to save the tooth instead of pulling it all together.

MYTH: Antibiotics Prevent the Need for a Root Canal

Prescribing an antibiotic will immediately help reduce the swelling and infection inside and around your abscessed tooth. However, it will not prevent the infection from coming back, because there is still some type of cavity or crack that allows bacteria into the nerve chamber (which is why it abscessed.) Until that issue is repaired and sealed off, the abscess will continue to come back.

Continually treating an abscessed tooth with antibiotics will lead to drug resistance and other side effects, such as yeast infections.

Medications like antibiotics certainly have a place in root canal treatment, but they are not a replacement for it.

MYTH: It Hurts to Get a Root Canal

This claim is false, as root canal treatment actually treats the source of pain. The only potential discomfort from a root canal is usually jaw soreness (from having your mouth open) or tenderness where the local anesthetic was injected. Since the nerve of a tooth is removed during root canal treatment, it is physically impossible for the tooth to hurt after endodontic therapy.

However, if you have a severe abscess with chronic swelling, it will be extremely difficult to numb the tooth at the time of your treatment. For this reason, Dr. Pulsipher may need to prescribe antibiotic medications leading up to your appointment, so that the local anesthetic can be effective.

MYTH: Root Canals are Toxic

Is there an extremely high root canal toxicity rate? Or can root canal treatment cause heart disease because of the materials used in the treatment?

No and no. In fact, the toxic choice is to leave the dying dental nerve or abscess inside of your mouth, allowing bacteria to directly spread into your bloodstream. But once the root canal is performed, those nerve chambers are sealed off for good. If you’re truly worried about toxins in your heart or bloodstream, the best option is to have the infection removed and sealed off.

All of the current claims about root canal toxicity have been proven unfounded and some have even been removed from major online platforms because of sharing false information. You can read more about root canal safety from the American Association of Endodontists.

Gentle Root Canal Treatment in Murrieta

How many myths about root canal treatment have you heard? Springs Dental offers therapeutic root canal treatment in Murrieta to help you save your smile, get out of pain, and preserve your natural teeth as long as possible. Don’t let these root canal myths interfere with your health. If you have a dying, painful, or abscessed tooth, contact us today for an exam with Dr. Pulsipher.

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