Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Regardless of whether you are in need of a root canal treatment or not, there are many myths about root canal treatment that you should know. Don’t let these misconceptions keep you from getting the care you need. Springs Dental in Murrieta is here to help.

Myth: Root Canal Therapy is Painful

Having a root canal is not a painful process. Dr. Pulsipher will numb the area around your tooth using a local anesthetic. This allows him to access the pulp inside your tooth, which is inflamed or infected. Then we remove the tissues and clean the area before sealing the tooth off completely.

However, there are still patients who believe that having a root canal is painful. This myth started decades ago and traces its roots to poor access to care or an improper understanding of abscessed teeth and how to treat them.

Modern dentistry has debunked this root canal myth. In fact, getting root canal therapy should feel about the same as any other dental procedure where numbing medication is used.

MYTH: Root Canal Requires Several Appointments

Getting a root canal is usually a single-visit process, taking about an hour to perform. The process involves cleaning and disinfecting the inside of the tooth, then sealing off the open root canal. While the root canal is complete after one visit, it will be necessary to place a crown over the tooth at a later time.

MYTH: Root Canals are Expensive

Some people think that a root canal is a costly treatment with few benefits. However, this is not the case. In fact, it’s less expensive than a tooth extraction followed by a dental implant.

Root canal treatment can save your tooth and allow it to function normally for several more years, limiting the investment in additional treatments. A well-executed root canal has a high success rate. The process is also less painful, thanks to advances in dental technology.

The cost of a root canal depends on the type of tooth being treated (some teeth have additional roots and thereby take longer to treat.) Root canals are also less expensive than implants or bridges. And in most cases, the cost of a root canal is included under your dental insurance policy.

MYTH: Root Canal Benefits are Temporary

Another myth surrounding root canals is that the benefits of root canal therapy are temporary. In reality, they are permanent. However, if you don’t care for the tooth after your treatment—such as failing to brush or floss around it each day—you could develop a recurring infection, causing loss of the tooth or the crown on top of it. Even though your tooth is no longer “alive,” Dr. Pulsipher will want you to treat it like it is. If you do, you’ll usually be able to retain your tooth for years, if not decades or a lifetime.

MYTH: It’s Better to Extract Your Tooth

Getting a root canal is a common dental procedure that can save your tooth from additional decay, pain, or recurring abscesses. However, some people feel a good alternative to a root canal is tooth extraction.

Root canal treatment involves removing the pulp (the soft tissue in the center of a tooth) and disinfecting the root canal. After removing the pulp, our Murietta dentist places a filling to seal the treated area and retain the complete tooth. But if you extract the tooth, it creates an empty space in your mouth. Extractions also contribute to bone loss, tooth movement, and the need for additional treatments like bridges or implants.

Preserving your natural tooth with a root canal is ideal, as it prevents tooth loss and limits the additional expenses of tooth replacement after an extraction.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

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