Hard-Tissue Laser Dentistry

A hard-tissue laser is a dental laser that is used on the hard structures in your mouth. Essentially, this means it’s a laser that’s used on your teeth, which distinguishes it from a soft-tissue laser which is used primarily on your gums. Hard-tissue lasers are used primarily in the place of a traditional dental drill. Most patients find laser dentistry much less irritating or painful than the drill. As a result, many patients who undergo laser dentistry don’t need any anesthetic to numb the area being worked on.

The laser can be used to remove decayed areas on a tooth (while simultaneously disinfecting it) or to re-shape a tooth before a restoration is applied, such as a crown. Hard-tissue lasers can also replace acid etching to roughen the surface of a tooth to help bonding materials for fillings or crowns adhere better. We use a hard-tissue laser in order to make our patients’ dental treatment experience more comfortable.